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Welcome to Fen Fungi the website of Jonathan Revett and "official" home of:
Geastrum britannicum a species of Earthstar not known anywhere else in the world and found by Revett himself.

**Updated 19.9.16**


Geastrum britannicum Fresh and fleshy

Geastrum britannicum Not fresh and fleshy

Geastrum britannicum Fresh and fleshy

September 2016

**As usual there is high demand for this year's forays with some dates already nearly sold out**

Whitelaced Shank  Megacollybia platyphylla

Welney, 17th September 2016. On sawdust and woodchip in greenhouse. A voracious feeder on this substrate with the base of the stems attached to thick white "roots" which tightly bind the organic matter together. Ideal growing conditions in a humid greenhouse resulted in this big cluster appearing after several weeks of primordial growth.

March 2015

Geastrum brittanicum: A World First

Much excitement then as an Earthstar I found in 2000 and have recorded annually ever since, (always convinced it wasn't just a variant of the Rayed Earthstar), has finally been shown through DNA testing to be a completely new species not known anywhere else in the world! A veritable media frenzy ensued, well it made most of the national papers and global online editions, still waiting for 5 Live's Nicky Campbell to get in touch. Renown as being a skilled interviewer with a humorous side and the ability to cut to the heart of any topic I'm also hoping Nicky will be the same.


January 2015

Stinkhorn Phallus impudicus

I planted an unhatched egg from a foray late last Autumn into a bed of sawdust in the greenhouse and watered frequently. Nothing happened for 2 weeks then voila! out shot a Stinkhorn one night. Not very scientific but rewarding nevertheless. For those of you who want to try this at home you require:

1 x Greenhouse
1 x Sawdust mixed with soil and woodchip, rich humus
1 x Stinkhorn egg 
1 x Clothes Peg or Breaking Bad style ventilator mask








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