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Welcome to Fen Fungi the website of Jonathan Revett and "official" home of:
Geastrum britannicum a species of Earthstar not known anywhere else in the world and found by Revett himself.

**Updated 15.5.16**


Geastrum britannicum Fresh and fleshy

Geastrum britannicum Not fresh and fleshy

Geastrum britannicum Fresh and fleshy

May 2016

Warmer weather mixed with some rain often means several species start appearing, especially those associated with dung and woodchip piles. Members of the Inkcap family can be quite common through late Spring early Summer.

Hare's Foot Ink Cap Coprinopsis lagopus

Welney, 15th May, 2015. On chipped hardwood. The caps are covered in a fine cobwebby veil when young which rapidly disappears as the cap expands. The whole fungus can be up and over in less than 48 hours.

March 2015

Geastrum brittanicum: A World First

Much excitement then as an Earthstar I found in 2000 and have recorded annually ever since, (always convinced it wasn't just a variant of the Rayed Earthstar), has finally been shown through DNA testing to be a completely new species not known anywhere else in the world! A veritable media frenzy ensued, well it made most of the national papers and global online editions, still waiting for 5 Live's Nicky Campbell to get in touch. Renown as being a skilled interviewer with a humorous side and the ability to cut to the heart of any topic I'm also hoping Nicky will be the same.


January 2015

Stinkhorn Phallus impudicus

I planted an unhatched egg from a foray late last Autumn into a bed of sawdust in the greenhouse and watered frequently. Nothing happened for 2 weeks then voila! out shot a Stinkhorn one night. Not very scientific but rewarding nevertheless. For those of you who want to try this at home you require:

1 x Greenhouse
1 x Sawdust mixed with soil and woodchip, rich humus
1 x Stinkhorn egg 
1 x Clothes Peg or Breaking Bad style ventilator mask








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