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2022 Fungi Walks

Norfolk & Suffolk

**Sorry, at the moment nothing planned for 2022**

General guidance notes taken from previous 2019 Walks.
**Important: please read this to manage expectations**

If you are hoping to go home with a basket brimming full of ceps, chanterelles and other top edible species then this is not the walk for you. Some edible species may well be found but the reality is that Thetford Forest is a highly visited and accessible area with hundreds of people looking for and collecting edible species.
If you want to see a wide range of fungi that grace our woodlands and forests, learn more about key species, improve and pick up on identification tips and tap into my knowledge and experience then this is the walk for you.
Note there will always be fungi to find but the range and volume can be affected by (in particular) dry spells of weather and over collecting. The purpose of the walks is to find and enjoy the different species we have and any edible species found are always a bonus. All walks will take place in Thetford Forest

Well behaved dogs welcome. Venue will be confirmed only after advance payment is received. This is to prevent a frustrating trend of people not turning up on the day and denying other genuine people places on the walk. No refunds are possible.




Shaggy Parasol Macrolepiota rhacodes










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