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Fungi Walks Information


Children under 5 are welcome but must be carefully supervised at all times. Well behaved dogs are welcome but dogs are not allowed in Lynford Aboretum. Tickets, payment options and venue details will be issued at the time of booking. Please also read through the below before booking. 

Terms & Conditions

Fungi will grow when and where they want. October and early November are usually the best months to find and see the biggest number of species. However they are reliant on the weather conditions to grow and Jonathan cannot be held responsible if the species count is lower than normal on some forays due to the weather (e.g frosts, dry conditions). Rain is key to the profileration of fungi and a prolonged dry spell is not good for finding large volumes of fungi.

Climbing of trees is prohibited as is the collecting of fungi on or near roadside verges. Please be aware of tripping hazards in the woods such as stumps, roots, logs; sticks and branches at eye level; possibility of dead wood falling from trees. Suitable footwear must be worn (no high heels!). No person should try or taste wild fungi without consulting Jonathan first.


 What to expect on the day

Please bring a basket, trug or similar to collect any fungi you may find; no plastic bags as these prevent the dispersal of fungal spores whilst in transit and cause the fungi to sweat and degrade very quickly. A small knife is also handy to cut some of the tougher species or help gently uplift fungi from the soil. There is no restriction on collecting fungi as this an authorised foray under my guidance and collected fungi are free to be taken away.

Some fungi will be wet and slimy or covered in sticky gluten or foul smelling stuff so a pack of wipes is always handy after the foray. Death Caps can be reasonably common at some of the sites and although touching them will not cause harm it is sensible to clean your hands as soon as possible after handling.

The foray will last approx 2 hours and will involve following trails and paths around the Forest but also going into the interior to look for different species. Some people prefer to go off on their own and collect whilst others like to keep close to myself and have the species named as we go along. After approx 2 hours everyone gathers back at the starting point and we lay out all the species collected on tables. I will then go through what has been found and talk about key and interesting species so this gives everyone an opportunity to see and hear what’s been found on the foray.

 If any fungi are to be taken away for personal consumption then I will happily check these but I cannot be held responsible for any species that are collected after my identification or species that are taken away without my prior consultation or any reaction that is caused by eating fungi that are generally accepted as being recognized edible species.

I will be available to answer any questions you may have up until approx half 1 when I need to pack up and go to the next foray; as post foray tends to be very busy with questions and identification then please make a point of catching up with me as we walk round if you have anything specific to ask.

I am not employed by the Forestry Commission; I am an independent expert who is asked to lead their forays as part of their events calendar. Any complaints about the venues used such as poor condition of paths, access, litter, signage, hazards, woodland management projects etc should be taken up with the Forestry Commission and not with Jonathan.

Dogs are allowed but subject to local forestry rules; note there are no dogs allowed in Lynford Arboretum.

I look forward to seeing you on the foray.


















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